Tot Town is licensed by the Ministry of education, our standards meet and/or exceed the requirements. The centre is routinely inspected by the Health Department, and licensing officers from the Ministry of Education to ensure that quality care is provided to children at the Centre.

Our centre does have an agreement with the Region of Peel for subsidized families. For more information please call the centre.

The staff at our Center work together as a team. We believe that in order to provide your child with the very best care, we as providers must approach our work with a collective goal. that is, to provide a stimulating, safe and happy learning environment. Staff are involved in most of the decisions that affect the program and their input is valued at all times. Staff are chosen because of their training, their experience and their demonstrated skills; however, one of the most important qualities we look for in our staff is their commitment to quality childcare. The staff at our childcare center consists of a RECE Program Supervisor, Registered Early Childhood Educators, ECA Assistant staff, and Certified Cook on site.


At Tot Town daycare we believe that children have to right to a safe and
healthy environment and to quality care that promotes their personal growth through the
use of consistent developmentally appropriate techniques.

Each child is unique with differing personalities. For them to become happy and secure members of
society they must learn to successfully cope with the environment they live in by learning positive and constructive ways to solve problems and interact with people. Children’s behavior reflects their level of development and they learn through trial and error. As children grow older they are able to exercise more self control and are more aware of concepts such as health, safety and respect for others and their property.

Our goal is to offer an environment that is nurturing and warm, facilitating child development in all areas.

The day is planned by the RECE teacher for each program, activities are age appropriate and child directive, Staff follow the child's interest and lead their way to explore extended learning through play.
Program planning for the day consist of circle time, music & movement, creative arts and crafts, sensory and, science experiences, fine motor & cognitive development skills, gross motor activities, pretend play, free play, and story time. One to one interactions are a vital part of the daily program. Routines such as toileting / diapering, rest time, meal time, are also taken into consideration when planning daily activities so we can ensure to meet the needs of each child.

Good nutrition is essential for healthy growth and development, of the children. All meals are prepared at the centre, by a certified cook. Four week menus are posted for parents in a conspicuous place. The centre provides a morning breakfast, hot lunch, and an afternoon snack. Substitute is provided for children with allergies and any dietary request by the parent.

Tot Town Childcare Centre is participating in Raising the Bar, which is a program designed to enhance quality care in Early Learning childcare programs.

Raising the Bar program offers webinars, workshops, toy lending and much more,  as professionals, parents and families we have opportunities to sign up and enhance our knowledge on growth, needs and wants, and things that we can help children grow to be successful individuals of our communities.

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The centre is open from 7:00 am to 6:00p.m Monday to Friday. Any variation to this schedule will be posted well in advance. The centre operates 12 months a year.